Matix Edge

Pure lines flowing into a slightly curved surface convey all the typical lightness of contemporary design by BTicino. The harmony of the subtle but curved profile produces a particularly outstanding effect. The result is a rational design, essential and clean where every detail It expresses quality.
The personal touch is up to you, choosing from the wide range of new colors and materials available.


Square shape, essential design and
monochromatic look. AXOLUTE ETÈRIS
is the new slimline look of AXOLUTE,
which distinguishes itself for its
monochromatic look, and the extremely
small thickness of the switches only
2.5 mm of absolute perfection.
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SOLIDA is the latest range introduced by Bticino,
Available in 1,2, and 3 modules.

18 new colors divided into 3 groups: Basic and Metallic, Woody, and Marbles that perfectly fits in residential and small commercial.


Proven durability with Constant Evolution 
Magic range has always been number one choice for most of the Egyptians for many years. Thanks to its unique values of premium quality, reliability, and classical look.

An essential and rigorous design, which has plenty of followers. At the beginning of the new millennium, Magic range has been enriched with:
- New functions
- New coverplates


MÀTIX has a completely new design: 
- more modern 
- thinner 
- more suitable for your home 

24 new colours divided into 5 groups: White, Metallic, Colour, Texture and Galvanic ranges, that perfectly complement today’s new trends in home design. 
Furthermore, with MÀTIX, home automation becomes standard.


In one single range three key finishes four cover plate designs (Air, Round, Square, Living international) countless combinations

Livinglight MyHome
Thanks to BTicino home automation, you can design and install electric systems with new more advance performances in terms of comfort, safety, energy saving, audio/video communication, local or remote control.
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